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Bloody Demon Portrait

What better way to welcome the month of October, than with this bloody Demon portrait. Gotta love the creepy stuff.

Hear, See, Speak No Evil

These beautiful Day of the Dead girls are the epitome of "Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil." This was a fun piece to do.

Canadian Badass to Guest Spot

I am very pleased to announce that International Award Winning Canadian Badass, John Wayne, will be doing a guest spot here at Tattoo City from October 14-18th.



Samuri Mask

This samuri mask is a current in progress piece I'm working on.


Happy Little Bluebird

I got to do this little bluebird for a client a couple weeks ago.

Eastern Bluebird Tattoo by Larry Brogan



When Dragons Fly


I really loved doing this Dragon chest piece and want to do more tattoos like it. Done with Silverback Inks.  

Dragon Tattoo By Larry Brogan

April 13th is the 1 year anniversary of opening the new Tattoo City and Flower of Life Art Gallery

This Sunday April 13th will be 1 year since the new shop opened.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  The Flower of Life Art Gallery has had three successful group art shows so far and we are planning a new one July 19th titled "Steampunk Nation" that will also be a celebration of Tattoo City's 20 years doing business in Lockport, IL.  Be sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss our big celebration.



Art of the Geisha Group show.

The Art of the Geisha show at our Flower of Life Art Gallery went great on October 5th.  The art auction is over but the unsold artwork is still available at the gallery until the show closes in December.  Check out to see more of the art.


Horny Demon

This cute little Demon is a coverup of a cross and some old bible verse on my fellow artist George Zabala.  I tattooed him in trade for some old hockey sticks signed by the whole 1974/75 Chicago Blackhawks team including Tony Esposito, Stan Makita, Keith Magnuson, Glen Hull and Dale Tallon.  Awesome trade especially since the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup again this year.  Thanks George, I hope you like your new tattoo as much as I like the sticks.Horny Demon

Thor vs the Midguard Serpent Backpiece

I just finished this fun backpiece of the Norse God Thor fighting the epic battle against the Midguard Serpent. This was my clients first tattoo, go big or go home.  The art is based of an album cover from the band Amon Amarth, a  melodic death metal band from Tumba, Sweden, founded in 1992. It takes its name from the Sindarin name of Mount Doom, a volcano in J. R. R. Tolkien′s Middle-earth.  The tattoo took aprox. 45 hours total and was done with Silverback Inks.  In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr (Old NorseJormungandr, pronounced ['j?rmu?gandr]), often written Jormungand, or Jörmungand and also known as the Midgard Serpent (Old NorseMidgarðsormr), or World Serpent, is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrboða and the god Loki. According to the Prose EddaOdin took Loki's three children by Angrboða, the wolf FenrirHel and Jörmungandr, and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard.[1] The serpent grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail.[1] As a result, he received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. When he lets go, the world will end. Jörmungandr's arch-enemy is the god Thor.

It's been a busy summer

So sorry for the long delay since the last update but it has been very busy before and after the Grand Opening of the new Tattoo City and Flower of Life Art Gallery.  We have closed to old shop and everyone is now located at 1601 S State Street in Lockport just 3.5 miles South of the old location.  The Grand Opening back on April 13th went awesome with over 200 people in attendance including the Mayor of Lockport and the Lockport Legend News Paper.  Many friends traveled long distances to join in the celebration including Darrin White from North Carolina, John and Jackie Wayne from Canada, Rich T. and Bobbi Rodgers from Bicknee Tattoo Supply in Ohio and our Photographer friend Deidra from Relic Imagery in Florida.  I will be updating more soon when I can manage some free time


Grand Opening of the New Tattoo City and Flower of Life Art Gallery April 13th

There is less than 3 weeks until our Huge Grand Opening Celebration and you are all invited to attend. Saturday April 13th at 6pm is the date and time. We will kick off the new chapter in Tattoo City history with the opening of our beautiful Flower of Life Art Gallery and our first group art show titled "Man's Best Friend" with a charity Art Auction that benefits The All Herding Breed Dog Rescue of Illinois

4 New Artists at Tattoo City
Tattoo City is starting 2013 off in a huge way and we are very excited and proud to announce that we have 4 new tattoo artists working with us. Chucho Rz, George Zabala, Steven Middleton and Matt Morris
are now part of the crew at Tattoo City. We just updated our website with new galleries featuring the artwork of all these wonderful tattooists.

Please help us out by reposting this message so we can spread the word. Thank you and have a great 2013.

New Artists Starting at Tattoo City in 2013


  1. Tattoo City will be ringing in the New Year with GREAT News. In addition to our new location at 1601 State Street in Lockport, IL with a great big Art Gallery, we have two new Tattoo Artists joining us. Chucho Rz and George Zabala will be part of the artist staff and we are very excited about it. Look for bigger and better things to come from Tattoo City in 2013.....

New Grim Reaper Sleeve

This healed sleeve is a reminder of how short life can be and that we need to live life while we can instead of just existing. The hourglass of time is running out so make the best of what life has given you. The client has dealt with Crohn's disease and takes medication to keep it at bay but he doesn't let the disease rule his life. Instead he has chosen to live a healthier lifestyle and to live life to it's fullest. He is an avid skydiver and has amassed well over 100 jumps thus far. The tattoo is all Silverback XXX and done by Larry Brogan in Lockport IL.



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday and I hope you all have a lot to be thankful for, I know I do.  Gobble Gobble...

101 Tattoo Tips Seminar at the Detroit Motor City Tattoo Convention

Larry Brogan will be teaching his 101 Tattoo Tips That Can Change Your Career Forever Seminar at the Detroit Motor City Tattoo Expo the weekend of February 22-24th 2013.  This seminar covers a huge amount of helpful information that can make any artists career better and more profitable.  Please contact Larry Brogan at for more info and to reserve your seat.  The seminar includes a 45 page booklet jam packed full of great knowledge.  


Tattoo City is very proud to announce our soon to be opening second location at 1601 State Street in Lockport.  The new shop will feature private tattooing rooms and a beautiful fine art gallery where we will feature work from some great artists inside and outside of the tattoo industry.  We will be teaching painting classes and holding charity bennefits as well so check back frequently for more updates on the Grand opening this spring. is Live

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