How can I book a tattoo appointment with Larry Brogan?

I typically tattoo larger scale work that takes 20 or more hours to complete but I am open to small single sitting tattoos. I want to create the best quality work I can and I invest a lot of time and energy into the preparation for each tattoo but it is impossible to accommodate all the requests that I receive. I am only one man and have limited time so I can only choose the pieces that best fit my style and challenge and inspire me. I apologize if I do not choose your idea to tattoo but we have several quality artists at Tattoo City that can do an awesome job for you so please check out their portfolios at www.tattoocityskinart.com
When making your tattoo request please include the following information:
A full description of your Theme and Subject Matter.
Any reference images that pertain to your design.
Location on the body and how large you would like it.
Your budget and how frequently you can afford to get tattooed.
If I choose your tattoo project it is best if you can stop by the shop for an in person consultation so I can take photos and figure out details. If you will be traveling from more than a couple hours away I can do an Internet and or phone consultation but I may require you to send me high resolution photos of the body part I will be tattooing including any of the surrounding tattoos so I have a better idea of what I am working with and how to design your new tattoo.
I will work with you to get the best possible artwork for your body but realize that there are issues such as size, detail, placement and making sure it fits and flows with the body properly that I must have ample control of in order to create the most awesome tattoo possible.
My rate is $200 per hour.
I tattoo on Friday and Saturday from noon till 8pm
I am regularly booked at least a couple months in advance and cut off taking new clients if my schedule books out more than three months so I can avoid taking on too much at one time. When I catch up on current projects I open my schedule again to new and interesting projects.
I check my e-mails weekly but given the high number of requests I receive I can only respond to those I am interested in.
Thank you for checking out my site and I hope you enjoy my work.
Larry Brogan
Tattoo City
1601 State Street
Lockport, IL 60441