Comments: Oil painting done for the Monica Henk Memorial show. My friendship with Monica Henk was a brief but adventurous one over a two week span in 2005 where she was a guest artist at my shop, went sightseeing around Chicago, traveled with me and my girlfriend at the time to Detroit to visit Bob Tyrrell and survived an accident that totaled my van during our return from Michigan. The Monica I knew was a sweetheart, a driven artist and lover of life who made quite an entrance during her arrival to Chicago when her travel tattoo case was smashed and multi colored ink stained many of the other travelers luggage as well as the conveyor belt at baggage claim. Monica made many clients happy with her beautiful tattoos, befriended my Boston Terrier Bubba and spent most nights tucked away in my guest bedroom talking to her husband Dan. Thou the time we shared was short I feel fortunate to have known Monica, a big energy in a small package. It is extremely unfortunate that she was taken from us too soon. She is very much missed and will be forever remembered. Rest in Peace my friend